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Birgit Rappold is an experienced executive and professional coach and is fascinated by the potential every human being carries inside them. She has worked with female entrepreneurs, digital nomads and expats on their quest to better their carriers and create their best version of a well-balanced work-life situation. Birgit’s approach to coaching includes a wide range of coaching tools, from systemic coaching and neuroscience to behavioural science-based models, allowing her to choose the best method for each client’s unique situation. Birgit Rappold is also the co-founder of Rappstone Professional Coaching, a coaching business with the mission of bringing affordable coaching services to everyone. She has been living in Asia for the past 15 years in 4 different countries and is curious to where her journey will take her next. Liad Nyman is a professional coach and a New York qualified Lawyer, with experience in the Business Development sphere, working between partners, associates and executive teams to support and execute business goals in Asia for 10 years. Liad focuses on a strategic approach to coaching that provides individuals with the tools they need to feel seen, clear, and happy so that they can achieve what they truly want. Liad is also the founder of the Kadima Group, an independent coaching and consulting business. She has been living in Asia for the 10 years in 3 different countries and works with clients across the world.

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