You can be both Successful and Happy

We enable fierce, smart and powerful women to navigate and manage negative emotions that come with expat life to find happiness and achieve purpose, passion and potential. 

You can be both Successful and Happy

We enable fierce, smart and powerful women to navigate and manage negative emotions that come with expat life to find happiness and achieve purpose, passion and potential. 

Expat Life doesn't have to mean putting your life on hold

We have been there. Overwhelmed, Missing Out, and Feeling disconnected. 

We are here to offer support to fierce, smart and powerful women by helping them to navigate and manage the negative emotions that come with expat life; the emotional cost of missing out on family events, feeling disconnected from home, friends, family.

Choosing Your Growth Space is stepping consciously into your life, stepping out of ‘pause’ and into your wisdom, where you are seen and heard. So you can find your way to happiness and achieve what you truly want.

What we believe.


Fully see others and be fully seen.


Explore without judgment or limit.


Do what you love, achieve your potential.


Enjoy the moment.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

Your Potential and Our Experience will lead to Your Inner Happiness and Lasting Change.

Follow our clear process, designed to provide you with transparency on what you can expect when you choose Your Growth Space.

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Expat life doesn't have to mean putting your life on hold.
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What we can help you with

1:1 Coaching

Partner with an expert coach to change your life.

Group Coaching

Use the power of a peer group facilitated by an expert coach to achieve your change.


Live virtual courses led by expert coaches to achieve your happiness and success.

We are Birgit and Liad!

Co-founders Birgit and Liad have been expats in Asia for over a decade and appreciate the full rainbow of emotions that come with expat life. Their personal and professional experiences have united them in founding Your Growth Space, a space where women empower women.


After only day one on the Positive Intelligence course, I already felt strongly that this is a course that everyone should do. Even though my work involves the mind/body connection, there were so many practical applications I hadn't thought to use on myself! I've always considered myself a positive person, but Positive Intelligence has really given me insights on how to move out of my "saboteur" headspace, into a much more calmer, clearer one much faster. Birgit and Liad are also wonderful facilitators, who keep you motivated and inspired.
Lindsay Parfitt
Founder of Calm Birth HK
I learnt so much from the Positive Intelligence course! It had a great balance - a clear framework but with an individual focus for how it applies to me and my “saboteurs”. Positive Intelligence also gave me a new perspective on my relationships by considering how the framework applies to others. Birgit and Liad supported our Pod perfectly - holding space for everyone and supporting our growth through considered and insightful questions. I’d recommend the course to anyone interested to understand more about themselves, their thought patterns and their relationships.
The Programm helped me to sort out my status quo and helped me to begin and proceed with next steps in my life. I found a good way to prioritise and get a clear view on what I want (and don’t want). I would recommend this programme for everyone who wants to take a decision and doesn’t know how to get there. The whole process was very well supported and Liad and Birgit were always available to help!
Heike Richter
Germany, Marketing Consultant


A Four Week Accountability Program to uncover and achieve your true goal and establishing lasting change. 

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